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Josh Nicolaisen taught English for twelve years and is currently an MFA candidate in the low-residency program at Randolph College. He organizes and officiates snowboard and freeski events, coaches snowboarding and whitewater kayaking at Holderness School, and is the owner of Old Man Gardening LLC. Josh lives in New Hampshire with his wife, Sara, and their daughters, Grace and Azalea.  He has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and his poems have appeared in the following journals and anthologies:

"Dosage" in Nixes Mate Review Issue 26/27 Winter/Spring 2023

"On the Fear of Raising My Hand" published in Concision Poetry Journal Issue 2.3

A review of Maggie Smith's, Goldenrod in Colorado Review

"While Running Errands" published in So It Goes Issue 11 by the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library

"Eviction," "Feeding Chickens on December First,"  and "After Our Dog Dies, Grace Has Some Questions and Makes Some Plans published in CNP Poetry 2 by Cathexis Northwest Press

"Dear Lavender " and "Ode to the Ash" published in Plant People Volume 2 by Plants and Poetry Journal

A review of William Fargason's, Love Song to the Demon-Possessed Pigs of Gadara in Colorado Review

"A Shooting Star Over Mount Hale During Vernal Equinox " and "Unknown Waters" published in The Poet's Touchstone Volume 64 Number 1 by The Poetry Society of New Hampshire


"Azalea and the Nest" published in Snapdragon: A Journal of Art and Healing Issue 8.1 Spring 2022, Pleasure

"What I Might Have Said" published in The Bangalore Review Volume IX

"One Time When Hal Came Back" published in The Poet's Touchstone Volume 63 Number 2 by The Poetry Society of   New Hampshire


"The Beauty of Science" published in Covid Spring II by Hobblebush Books

"Just You and Me" published in Backlash Journal 5 by Backlash Press 

"Ed Likes Quickbooks" published in Dead of Winter by Milk & Cake Press

"One Night in Six Months" published in Day after Day in Quarantine by Peterborough Poetry Project

"A Fall Classic" published in Northern New England Review Volume #40

"What Normal Feels Like Right Now" published in Covid Spring by Hobblebush Books

"After Ice Cream"  and "Just Outside Our New Home published in North by Northeast Literary Magazine Issue #1 

"Why I was Nearly Naked in a Customer's Gardens" published by Tiny Seed Literary Journal

"When I Walk Your Property" and "Our Stuff"" published in Chrysanthemum Literary Anthology 2020 by Chrysanthemum Literary Society

"New Hampshire's Pachyderm" published in On and Off the Road: Poems of New Hampshire by Peterborough Poetry Project

"Cold Snap" published in Nixes Mate Review Winter 2020 Edition by Nixes Mate Publications

"White Noise Worshippers" published in Centripetal Fall 2019  Edition by PSU Poets and Writers

"Line Dancing in America" published by Indolent Books online project What Rough Beast

"The Greens on Red Hill" published in Tree Journal by Tiny Seed Literary Journal

"Meditations on Permissions" published in So It Goes Issue 8 by the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library

                 *nominated for a Pushcart Prize

"In the Time if Avian Politics" published in Writers Resist Issue 82

"The Pull" published in Four Elements by Tiny Seed Literary Journal

"Upon I.C.E. Raiding a Fresh Mark Meat Packing Plant" published by Indolent Books online project What Rough Beast

"Fawning For Something" published in The Poets of New England: Volume One by Underground Writers Association

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